Community Women's Club  


2018-2019 SWCWC Board Members and Special Committees


President: Kathleen Sharos
1st V. President: (Historian) LuAnne Porcello
2nd V. Pres/Membership: Ronnie Zagaja

Treasurer: Jody Russo
Asst. Treas/Ways & Means:Maureen Schroder & Susan Gerich
Recording Secretary: Cory Williams
Corresponding Secretary: Liz Harner
Parliamentarian (two year term-no voting priv.) OPEN
(Above people need to have been a member of the club for one year)

Advisors (two year term-board pos.-no vote priv.) OPEN
Advisor (one year term-board pos.-no vote priv.) OPEN

(Board Positions)
Arts: Paulann Marianella
Conservation: Ronnie Zagaja & Darlene Hofmann
Current Affairs: Brenda Leibowitz
Education: Sue Ryder
Health: Kristen Walter
Home Life: Sue Greenhill & Lisa Feinstein

Meeting Planner: Sue Ryder
State Project: Lynn Nochisaki

(NON-BOARD - But must report to one board metting)

Book Club: Sue Gerich
By-Laws Committee: Jane Stasowski
Children's Programs: OPEN
Finance Delegate: Paulann Marianella
Newsletter Editor: Kristen Walter
Nominating Commitee (One 2-year, Two 1-year): Jane Staszowski
Public Relations: Ronnie Zagaja
Website: Lisa Lillis
Socials: LuAnne Porcello
Sunshine: Jane Staszowski
Safety Town: Liz Harner

General Membership

Lara Eaton
Lisa Feinstein
Susan Gerich
Lucy Gilson

Sue Greenhill
Liz Harner

Darleen Hofmann
Ginny Hole
Sue Jackson
Brenda Leibowitz
Lisa Lillis
Susan Luiz
Carol Ann Manzella
Paulann Marianella
Lynn Nochisaki
Laura Ostrowski
Nancy Patitucci
LuAnne Porcello
Jody Russo
Sue Ryder
Maureen Schroder
Tammi Seder
Kathleen Sharos
Mary Smith
Jane Staszowski
Kristen Walter
Corey Williams
Ronnie Zagaja