Community Women's Club  


2018-2019 SWCWC Board Members and Special Committees


President: Kathleen Sharos
1st V. President: (Historian) LuAnne Porcello
2nd V. Pres/Membership: Ronnie Zagaja

Treasurer: Jody Russo
Asst. Treas/Ways & Means:Maureen Schroder & Susan Gerich
Recording Secretary: Cory Williams
Corresponding Secretary: Liz Harner
Parliamentarian (two year term-no voting priv.) OPEN
(Above people need to have been a member of the club for one year)

Advisors (two year term-board pos.-no vote priv.) OPEN
Advisor (one year term-board pos.-no vote priv.) OPEN

(Board Positions)
Arts: Paulann Marianella
Conservation: Ronnie Zagaja & Darlene Hofmann
Current Affairs: Brenda Leibowitz
Education: Sue Ryder
Health: Kristen Walter
Home Life: Sue Greenhill & Lisa Feinstein

Meeting Planner: Sue Ryder
State Project: Lynn Nochisaki

(NON-BOARD - But must report to one board metting)

Book Club: Sue Gerich
By-Laws Committee: Jane Stasowski
Children's Programs: OPEN
Finance Delegate: Paulann Marianella
Newsletter Editor: Kristen Walter
Nominating Commitee (One 2-year, Two 1-year): Jane Staszowski
Public Relations: Ronnie Zagaja
Website: Lisa Lillis
Socials: LuAnne Porcello
Sunshine: Jane Staszowski
Safety Town: Liz Harner

General Membership

Lara Eaton - Lisa Feinstein

Susan Gerich - Lucy Gilson

Sue Greenhill - Ellen Griswold

Liz Harner - Darlene Hofmann

Ginny Hole - Sue Jackson

Linda Kalos - Brenda Leibowitz

Lisa Lillis - Susan Luiz

Carol Ann Manzella - Paulann Marianella

Kathy Michelsen - Lynn Nochisaki

Natalie O'Brien - Laura Ostrowski

Nancy Patitucci - LuAnne Porcello

Jody Russo - Sue Ryder

Maureen Schroder - Tammi Seder

Kathleen Sharos - Mary Smith

Jane Staszowski - Carolyn Venne

Kristen Walter - Allison Wilkos

Corey Williams - Ronnie Zagaja